Professional Hand Rug Cleaning

At South Pasadena Rug Gallery we evaluate the manufacture, type of colors, age, and the state of conservation to provide perfect maintenance.

We cater to the particular needs of individual rug or carpet.

Washing your rug or carpet once a year is sufficient, but this frequency may vary from case to case.

In general, carpets can be washed frequently without incurring any risk. 

Our method of washing is a seven-step procedure:

1. The rug is placed on a vibrating platform to shake off the dust and dirt residue.

2. The rug is vacuumed several times on both sides.

3. The rug is placed in the pool of cold water.

4. The rug is hand brushed with natural shampoo on both sides.

5. The rug fringe is cleaned by hand.

6. After the wash, the rug is passed through two large pressing rollers to remove excess water. This process also prevents color bleeding.

7. The rug will dry in the slow-drying temperature-controlled oven. This is an essential factor in the full recovery of the rug's original splendor.


We also have treatments for:

- Pet Odor, Mold and Mildew

- General Discoloration

- Stained and Soiled Patches


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